Newborn Posing Beds

As i find time and start to get creative with our newborn sessions . I started toying with the idea of building our own newborn props.  If you didn't know,  a lot of our props are made by us. One of the things I've started getting into is building newborn beds for our babies and milestone sessions. 
This is the third one that I've completed and i'm kinda toying with the idea of a 4th. Its addicting.     
This one has taken me months to do;  from the process of buying materials, finding individual parts to assemble, build and put together.  Chipping at it and leaving it sitting dormant for days, weeks, months and then getting  back at it, when i had time. 
Its definitely a labour of love and this was dreamt up, when i was working on the 2nd bed.     Did i mentioned its a bit addicting.  =)
Believe it or not, its quite therapeutic.  
I knew that with the newborn photography , i would be slowly be building a collection of camera gear,  but i didn't know i would be collecting hand-tools,  power-tools, widgets and things.   
I never would have thought home depot would be my 2nd home.   I go there on a daily basis;  An employee came up to me and said that he's gonna hand me an apron one day.  
Pointing to his Orange Apron uniform.   We both laughed.   He told me,  a lot of husbands come here to avoid the wife and kids,   "whats your excuse?"    i'm seriously here for work,  honest! =)

Anthony a.k.a. the guy behind the camera

Newborn Bed

Newborn Bed