Family Documentary

Siblings, a beautiful friendship.

Sharing some photos from a recent Newborn Lifestyle session:

From a one child to a multiple children household is a big change of excitement, tiredness and apprehension.

Will there be jealousy, will my older one feel left out, will he be too rough with baby . . .

So many questions cloud our minds when we make this transition that we sometimes don't get to enjoy those blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments.

Then you DO blink and it's over as they've both grown into another new and exciting stage.

Lemons and Ants Studios Newborn Lifestyle 1.jpg
Lemons and Ants Studios Newborn Lifestyle 2.jpg
Lemons and Ants Studios Newborn Lifestyle 3.jpg
Lemons and Ants Studios Newborn Lifestyle 4.jpg
Lemons and Ants Studios Newborn Lifestyle 5.jpg

Leslieville Family Documentary

Among our usual Newborn fun, we've had a couple of opportunities to do some Documentary Style Family sessions,which were amazing because the general feedback was that Anthony was able to capture the essence of their family. Whats even more fun? We didn't have to struggle with the smiles as they came naturally while the kids did the own thing and of course, the memories that came from that is priceless. I'd love to share a few photos here and if this sounds like a session perfect for your family, give us a call.

Lemons and Ants Studios Leslieville Photography.jpg

And here is another family documentary we had fun doing.

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