We love putting babies in bowls, not only because it's adorable but
because we want to remember how tiny they once were.

You don't quite understand how quickly the Newborn stage passes unless you're a parent and at Lemons & Ants Studios, we’re parents to 3 and understand this all too well …  Hence our approach is simple: offering natural, timeless photos of  your baby and most importantly you with them so that when the day comes that your child is 2, or 14, or 25, family time involves flipping through a beautiful photo album or prints while reminiscing about how tiny their little feet were.

With Le Man's background in design and Anthony's eye for catching those perfect moments that reflect you and your family, our clients are comfortable giving up complete control to us so that they can sit back and enjoying process.  Here's our 3 step process to create a custom experience for each of our clients:

 The Consultation:  Lemons & Ants only books a limited number of sessions per month as we believe in spending the time to foster a strong relationship with our clients.  This is also why we start the process of each booking with an initial in-person consultation at our studio.  It gives everyone a chance to meet and get to know each other without the pressure of a photo session.  We will also introduce you to our archival quality wall art and photo album offerings which are what our clients fall in love with.  These gorgeous pieces allow you to enjoy your memories while becoming your family heirloom to pass on to future generations.

The Session:  Since we have also discussed most specifics during the initial consultation, the photo session itself is typically a relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone, moms & dads have even been known to nap at our sessions!  Details for our most popular sessions are as follows:

Lemons & Ants Studios Newborn-1.jpg

Newborn Portrait

2-3 hour in-studio session
3-4 set ups of baby
Family & sibling photos
All backdrops, wraps, outfits, set ups are included

Lemons & Ants Studios Newborn Lifestyle-2.jpg

Newborn Lifestyle

2-2.5 hour at-home session

Candid and organic photos of baby & parents

Lemons & Ants Studios Family Documentary-5791.jpg

Family Documentary

2-2.5 hour at-home session
Fun and natural photos between the family

The Reveal: A week after the photo session, we invite you back into our studio where we will reveal your beautifully hand picked and hand edited gallery and assist in the selection of images for your new art pieces for your home!  Each piece you choose is custom designed & handcrafted into the beautiful family heirloom that will be enjoyed for lifetimes to come. We will personally make the final delivery to your home as we love to see the emotional reactions upon opening these works of art!