Lemons & Ants Studios

Lemons & Ants Studios is a family focused photography studio whose mission is to document the recollection of you and your family's story and bring them to life in high quality artwork. We're Anthony and Le Man, father and mother first to our three little ones Ellie, Caleb and Abel. Also photographer and editor/stylist and coffee and ramen lovers.

Since our dating days, we've spent a considerable amount of time pouring through each other's childhood photos, getting to know each other through these albums. And from this experience, we knew we wanted the same kind of experience for our kids and started pouring more time into finding beautiful large wall art pieces and archival quality albums. This has now become the focus of our business - we want to ensure each client leaves the session not just with digital files but also something they can enjoy in their homes and be able to pass on to their children. We all know life passes by so quickly and especially that of a child but also memories are faded, all we can do is to preserve the tidbits that tell our children a little of their history. While digital files are great as backup files, they are not permanent and their expected lifespan is very limited.

All our large prints, albums and boxes are individually handcrafted and are made from archival quality (also known as museum quality) materials and ink, so that clients will be able to pass this on to their future generations.

When you make the decision to partner up with Lemons & Ants Studios, what you sign up for is the most enjoyable and relaxed experience of having photos taken which are then transformed into heirloom pieces of art to showcase in your home until your children can enjoy them for themselves.

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Behind the Scenes

Newborn Session