Frequently Asked

When you make the decision to partner with Lemons & Ants Studios, what you sign up for is the most enjoyable and relaxing experience of having your photos taken. Located in Leslieville Toronto Beaches Area. They are Anthony and Le Man, father and mother to three little ones Ellie, Caleb and Abel. Then as newborn photographers, editor/stylist.

When Should I Book My Shoot?

We always emphasize the more time the better with 1-2 months beforehand being the most ideal timing. 

This not only gives everyone time to get through the paperwork, but also to have time to plan all the details of the session so that it is a relaxing and enjoyable session for you and your family or team.  You’ll also have ample time to prepare for details such as your wardrobe.

When is the best time to take newborn photos?

If everything lines up, we suggest doing newborn photos within 15 days after birth.  Baby is just a bit sleepier and calmer so it’s an easier session to get through for everyone.  They’re also still tiny by then so we hope to capture that size and age for your memories! 

But truly, we never turn away newborn babies because of their age – We’ve worked with babies up to 1 or 2 months old and we know you will still love the photos – it’s always better to get them done than not! 

The session itself may take a bit more effort for older babies, as they are not as sleepy, but we have lots of tricks and tips to help keep them calm + the expressions with older babies can be priceless!

What should we wear for the newborn photoshoot?

We always suggest to wear neutral light colours as they photograph better and we also want your family photos to be timeless so you still love them in the years to come. 

But we do think it’s important to wear something that speaks to your personality and what you are comfortable in because, after all, they are your photos and should feel like you.

For moms who are struggling to find something that feels good with all their body changes, we do have a couple of maternity gowns that look great on everyone.  Or we have also just wrapped mom up in a cloth for an intimate look.  

What should we wear for the photoshoot - Fall Family session?

We recommend wearing colours and fabrics in a neutral palette that remind you of the rich fall season. Creams, camels and browns work really well in chunky sweaters, leather jackets and wool. Add accessories in jewel tones (deep reds, purples, royal blues) for an exciting pop of colour against the rich fall colours in the background.

What should I wear for my Branding session?

Here are our recommendations for brand sessions:

  • Keep main pieces (pants, blazers, cardigans) of the outfit in classic colours like grey, white, and black to ensure timeless photos
  • Pops of colour in the accents can be a great way to show some personality. This can be with inner dress shirts, blouses, ties, scarfs, jewellery, etc.
  • Light, natural make-up application will make you look and feel more confident. Bring the lipstick/lip colour for re-application just before you are photographed
  • Keeping hairstyles as close to how you normally wear them is best. Bring a comb or brush to run through your hair just before you are photographed
  • Lint brushes and Tide to-go sticks are handy
  • Relax, smile and have fun!
Can We Bring People To Watch In the Studio?

Our studio area is cozy and with current Covid concerns, we generally discourage additional guests.

However, we do understand families with multiple young children may need an extra hand and we ask that you discuss your needs with us in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We also encourage any additional guests to jump into a couple of photos!

What is the difference between Lifestyle and Studio Photography?

Studio sessions typically involve one or multiple setups or backdrops. We guide the session by providing lots of direction on where to sit or stand and how to pose. In group settings, we will work with everyone to ensure there are interesting compositions while maintaining a connection with the group as a whole.

Lifestyle sessions focus more on the interactions among a family or group and photos are taken in a more natural environment like your home, outdoors or business setting.  Minimal direction is given (we may redirect you for better lighting) but it’s meant to highlight your personality and give the viewer a sense of how it feels to interact with you.

Do You Require A Deposit?

Yes, deposits are required to hold your spot. We only take a limited number of sessions per month and we strive to be fully available for our booked clients. This means that we do not open up additional spots once we are fully booked.

Deposits are non-refundable, but we’re happy to reschedule due to illness or emergencies. Deposits will sit as credits towards future sessions, but will be subject to current pricing at the time of rebooking.

What is your cancellation policy

We do not issue refunds but are happy to reschedule sessions due to illnesses or emergencies. Deposits/retainers are held as credits towards a future session but are subject to pricing changes depending on the time of rebooking (i.e. we cannot guarantee the same session fee that the original session was previously booked at).

When Can I See My Photos?

Photos are typically ready to be selected 1-2 weeks after the session for Newborn, Family, Birthday and Branding sessions. Weddings and other Events can take up to 4-6 weeks due to the large number of photos to be processed. 

Once the gallery is ready, we will get together with you and help you through the selection. It is a fun and relaxing process complete with snacks and treats.

What's the resolution of the final digital photos?

Digital photos vary in size because the amount of editing done to each photo can be different. What is more relevant is knowing what size (for printing) the file is saved as. We always size our high resolution digital photos to 36″x24″ at 300 dpi. This output generally allows you the flexibility of printing at different sizes without the files being extremely large. 

Please note that when we print at larger sizes, we make adjustments and edits to ensure the best print quality is achieved. We cannot ensure print quality at larger sizes when clients print on their own. Many big box printing labs (e.g. Walmart, Costco) often cannot handle large files on their website. Some clients have let us know that they get error messages from these services when they try to print online themselves.

Can I get an online gallery to pick photos on my own time?

We know from experience that every photo session will generate MANY terrific photos and presenting an online gallery tends to overwhelm (already exhausted) parents.

To provide the best value to our clients, we set aside time together to review the photos and to help guide you with your selections. We can also answer any questions that may arise during the review. We can then get your selections to you very quickly!

What Should We Do With the Photos?

We’re all busy parents with the best intentions. We all have our own to-do list that we think we’ll tackle. But the days go by and there are just more pressing matters for us to tend to. And before you know it, our images are still sitting on that USB key or hard drive. For those of you who had wedding photos done, have you printed and put up anything to enjoy? Do you still know where your digital images are? (Hey, we’re the photographers but we’re just as guilty of this!)

Jpegs just don’t last forever, the USB key or the hard drive it sits on will fail over time.  

As parents ourselves and with first-hand experience from our previous clients, we decided to source out a beautiful collection of archival heirloom printed products. We will walk you through each step in picking the best print products for you to enjoy your images every day in your home. And the best part? You will be able to hand these off to baby one day too so that they can continue to enjoy these family memories!

Check out our Print Products page to get some ideas of what you might like to do with your photos.

How Far Do You Travel for Weddings and Celebrations?

We offer travel anywhere in the GTA (additional travel charges may apply).  Further travel may be possible – please reach out to us to discuss.