Why is Newborn Photography important?

Whether it’s your first or third child, there’s no doubt the newborn stage is a special time.  A time of excitment and pure joy but let’s face it: also a time of chaos and overwhelm.  While battling sleep deprivation, you’re also taking on the most important role of your life, being a parent to these tiny little babies.

Investing in newborn photography will bring you back time and time again to the emotions and bliss of your life’s transformation to that of a parent.  Time is short but photos are the best keepsake to immortalizing these precious memories.


When, Where & How to book a baby photographer

When should the session happen:

The sweet spot for a newborn session is between 7-15 days after birth.  They are just a bit sleepier and flexible and those pesky issues like gas or acne usually haven’t reared its head yet.  Now if you need a few more days, that’s okay too as we’ve photographed plenty of older babies (up to 3 months old) – you’ll love the photos no matter what.

Where is the newborn session photographed:

Lemons & Ants newborn photography studio is beautifully lit with a natural flow of daylight and perfectly warmed to calm those sleepy newborns.  But for your convenience we also offer the option to travel to you.  This is a great alternative if you are just not feeling quite yourself yet.  This is also great if you prefer some lifestyle family photos rather than posed/portrait photos. (Yes we offer both!)

How is the newborn session booked:

Reach out 1-2 months before your due date to discuss your newborn photography session, this gives everyone some time to do the fun stuff – planning the sets, colours and props before you get too tired.  Lemons & Ants Newborn Studio only accepts 10 newborn spots a month as we make ourselves available and flexible for all our clients.  We only schedule the session after baby is born (we ask that you reach out then) and together we figure out the ideal date and time for the session.

frequently asked questions

Do we get to pick the set ups / colours / props?

Yes of course!  Booking your newborn photography session early ensures we have time to plan the session in a stressfree and fun manner.  We will guide you through a planning process that allows for plenty of your input for colours, props and set ups so that you end up with a gallery of photos that you love.  We will also discuss clothing options for mom, dad and older siblings where applicable.

We know baby is taken care of  but what does the rest of the family wear?

For the newborn photography session, we suggest light, neutral colours (think whites, creams or pastels) for a timeless look.  Clothing that you and the rest of your family are comfortable and feel good in is always best.  We also offer some options for mom as we know your body might feel a bit foreign after going through birth.  Read our blog post here to learn more.

Do you suggest make up and hair for this session?  How do I arrange this?

Yes, having your make up and hair done before the newborn session is not only relaxing and some self pampering time for mom but also will make you look and feel more confident in the photos.  Now if you don’t wear make up on a regular basis, it can feel unnatural or unneccesary, here’s why you should consider it anyway and who we recommend.

What if my baby is colicky and doesn’t stop crying during the session?

Babies will be babies and crying is the way they communicate so we are fully prepared for that.  During a session, both Anthony and Le Man are present to ensure a smooth session and because we’re also parents together of 3 kids AND have done this for over 8 years, we have lots of tricks to soothe a colicky baby.

We also will have prep instructions for you that will encourage a sleepy and calm baby before the session but let’s just say we’ve never had to send a family home with a gallery they didn’t love wink

Here’s one of our must-have tools to ensure an amazing newborn baby photo session.

I have an older toddler as well and would love some family and sibling photos but I am worried my toddler won’t co-operate during the session?

Toddler wrangling is also one of our specialties and the favourites of all our newborn photography sessions are ALWAYS the sibling photos!  Toddlers make great photography subjects as they are most natural and come up with the best expressions for photos!  Being a team of 2 also makes sessions with toddlers easier and give you the best photos.

Here are further tips on how you can prepare for your newborn session with a toddler sibling,

Here are what we do to make your newborn session with your toddler more successful.

Or if you have an older furbaby?  Here’s tips to get the two acquainted.

Both me and my partner don’t really want to be in the photos as we’re sleep deprived and exhausted and my body doesn’t feel like mine.  Can we skip the photos?

Lemons & Ants Studios is made up of a set of parents with 3 kids so we’ve been through it all too!  Sleep deprivation is no joke (here’s a bit more of our story) so we totally understand the urge to skip the photos.  But we always remind parents that beyond photos for you to remember this time, are also photos that will be gifted to baby as a keepsake for their memories.  They will want to see you at this stage and won’t care whether you’ve gained weight or have dark circles under your eyes.

Let us take the photos and then you can decide during your gallery selection which ones you want to keep!

Here’s more tips on what to wear and adding on hair & make up to look the best that you can be for the photos.

We love the option of you travelling to us for the newborn photo session but our home is small and we’re not sure if there’s enough space for the baby session?

Parents always assume we need lots of space for a newborn photography session but don’t forget, babies are tiny and really don’t need a lot of space!  And of course, being Leslieville newborn photographers (a neighbourhood known for narrow, tight houses) we’re used to photographing in tight spaces!  Check out this blog post for more insight!

Our newborn session is done and we just received the gallery of beautiful newborn images.  Now what?

We’re all busy parents with the best of intentions and we put printing our newborn images on our to-do list that we think we will tackle.  But the days go by and there are just more pressing matters for us to tend to.  Hence, that’s why Lemons & Ants offer archival quality heirloom wall art and albums that are ready for you to enjoy!

Want to know why it’s important to print your images?  Here’s the 5 reasons why.

Here’s more details on some print options we offer.

Lemons & Ants, your Toronto Newborn Photographer

Lemons & Ants Studios is a family-focused newborn photography Toronto studio whose mission is to document the recollection of you and your family’s story and bring them to life in high-quality artwork.

Located in Leslieville Toronto Beaches Area. They are Anthony and Le Man, father and mother to three little ones Ellie, Caleb and Abel. Then as newborn photographers, editor/stylist.

Lemons & Ants offers both studio and home newborn photography sessions and services all of GTA including Rosedale, Forest Hill, The Bridle Path, Bayview Village, North York, Sunnybrook, York Mills, Bedford Park, Oakville, Mississauga, Bramption and Pickering.

Lemons and Ants truly understand how to create a beautiful client experience. They were extremely professional, patient, kind and an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. We are extremely happy with our photos and would definitely recommend their services for those looking to capture those special moments.

Jason Horrell

We first worked with Lemons and Ants Studio after the arrival of our daughter, and we felt so comfortable and were blown away by their level of patience and professionalism. We were so happy with our experience and the quality of the photos that we asked them to capture our wedding and the arrival of our son. The photos were amazing and we are so thankful to have some wonderful memories to show off in our home.

– Marissa + Mike

Le Man and Anthony handled our new born with such care and ease, it was truly mesmerizing to watch. From the outfit changes and backdrop set ups, it was an entirely calming experience for us the parents as well.

– Faye & Ollie

I had an amazing experience doing a photoshoot with my one month old. I was initially worried that my colicky baby wouldn't make it through a long shoot, but my experience was effortless. Anthony and Le Man are a fantastic duo, working together behind the scenes, seamlessly complementing each other to create such unique portraits.

– Zain

We chose to have our son's newborn session with Lemons and Ants Studios. This was the best decision! Our experience was amazing throughout, from the initial consultation to the photoshoot to the photo reveal. Le Man and Anthony are both very kind, professional, patient, and very experienced!

Betiel D