This read is for our lovely humans who do not usually wear makeup. We totally get you. There are a ton of reasons why you might not wear makeup on the daily.

⁃ Prefer to go natural
⁃ Have allergies to certain ingredients
⁃ Have medical conditions that require you to avoid makeup
⁃ Don’t like the way it feels or smells (sensory discomfort)
⁃ Don’t like how it looks
⁃ Feel inauthentic when you wear it
⁃ Would rather spend $ on other things

The list goes on…

Conversely, there are tons of reasons why other lovely humans might love to wear makeup.

⁃ See it as a form of self-expression
⁃ Use it to minimize the appearance of acne or other skin issues
⁃ Like the way they look with it
⁃ Feel like their best selves

⁃ Feel more confident
⁃ Have a job/career that requires it (acting, fashion/sales, broadcast journalism, etc.)

The list goes on …

We acknowledge there are “makeup people” and there are “au natural people” and there are many people who straddle the space in-between, wearing it minimally or occasionally, maybe not full-fledged or daily.

Wherever you happen to fall on that spectrum, we love all our beautiful humans no matter how they choose to show up in the world. Makeup or not.

HOWEVER, because we spend a large chunk of our waking hours either behind a camera lens or putting final touchups on photographs, we know a thing or two that will save you end-result disappointment. And that includes makeup.

We want you to LOVE your pictures. We’ve listed four reasons to consider applying makeup for your photoshoot, EVEN IF YOU DON’T USUALLY WEAR IT.

#1. The camera naturally makes you appear paler than you are


You might say, “I’m not photogenic.”

When you really meant to say, “The camera flash washed me out.”
Trust us.

We partner with a phenomenal local makeup artist, Maureen Greenstein, who knows how to do your makeup – in any location or lighting – so it looks incredible in pictures.

Not over the top. Not glamorous. Just incredible. Because that’s how you want to look. And feel…

Which leads us to our next point:

#2. Makeup is more about how you feel (which translates to how you look!)

The pre-photoshoot makeup application in and of itself is a 40-minute moment of pampering that you haven’t had in … probably forever. Enjoy it! Especially if you’re not a “makeup person.” Let the expert do her thing.

Honestly, when you feel like you’ve been looked after, even just for a few minutes, you’ll be more relaxed. When you know you’ve just protected yourself against looking washed out photos, you will feel confident.

Nothing beats a relaxed, confident human in front of a camera lens.

Clients who get makeup done vs. Clients who don’t have a bounce to their step, a brighter smile, and are generally more excited rather than nervous, knowing they’ve enhanced their natural beauty in a way that compliments the camera flash.




This is the goal.
(Unless of course, glam is your preferred style!)

#3. 45 glorious minutes, kid-free. Need we say more?

This point has nothing to do with makeup. But, um, hello…! If you can get time to yourself for the application, sans kids, you’re #winning.

You probably did all the planning for outfits. You probably arranged the scheduling of the photoshoot and timing of the commute. You probably budgeted and looked at other
photoshoots for inspiration. Maybe you even made a Pinterest mood board to share with us. You’ve put in your time. Let us help you relax.

This time of solitude will ground you. It’ll fill your cup. It’ll increase your bandwidth for unpredictable baby/kid moments during the shoot. It’ll increase your patience.

We’ll say it again: Nothing beats a relaxed, confident human in front of a camera lens.

#4. 100% of our clients who choose makeup application for
photoshoots are glad they did.

There is not one person who wishes they hadn’t. Nothing more to say here!

We know that for the best results for your photoshoot, you’ll benefit from a light application of the right products in the right places. Heck Le Man’s go-to look on the daily is sans makeup.

But she’ll be the one rooting for you to get an application done pre-photo session, because she knows the difference it makes.

To how you feel about yourself and to the photo results.
With our full packages, we offer an optional makeup add-on. 

Book a discovery call to learn more!

Full packages include:
⁃ family photoshoots
⁃ branding photoshoots
⁃ birthday sessions
⁃ newborn / maternity photoshoots

Remember: Wearing makeup for a photoshoot doesn’t make you inauthentic to yourself.