Hi there! We’re

Le Man + Anthony,
Toronto, Canada

Lemons & Ants Studios is a family-focused newborn photography Toronto boutique studio whose mission is to document the recollection of you and your family’s story and bring them to life in high-quality artwork.

Located in Leslieville Toronto Beaches Area. They are Anthony and Le Man, father and mother to three little ones Ellie, Caleb and Abel. Then as newborn photographers, editor/stylist.  A Member of the APNPI in 2018, a Professional Newborn Photographer’s Association for Newborn Photographers, trained in their safety program and QNP Accredition. They spent over 9 years photographing newborn and families, honing their craft. 

Since the beginning, they’ve spent a considerable amount of time pouring through each other’s childhood archives. Getting to know each other and learning about their family history. From this experience, they wanted the same kind of experience for their kids.

They started pouring time into finding beautiful wall art pieces and archival quality albums. This has now become the core focus of newborn photography. To ensure each client leaves the session with something they can enjoy in their homes and be able to pass on to their children.

We all know life passes by quickly and especially that of a child but also memories are faded. All we can do is to preserve the tidbits that tell our children a little of their history. While digital files are great as backup files, they are not permanent and their expected lifespan is very limited.

All our large prints, albums and boxes are individually handcrafted and are made from archival quality (museum quality) materials and ink, so that clients will be able to pass this on to their future generations.

Le Man - Editor, Designer

Hi – it’s Le Man . . . the “Lemons” of our name and logo. For those of you who don’t know, I’m not the photographer. I’m the one who gets to talk to you when you reach out, planning your session with you, helping you pick your photos and the last one when we’re wrapping up. I’m also behind the scenes setting up your session and editing away on your photos at pretty much every second I can get free.

Here’s what I think is obvious but maybe you don’t know: I love my job. I love that I get to interact with the people I think I can relate to the most (moms of new babies or young kids – the joys, the fears, the pains – ), that I get to soothe and hold little babies and get paid for it.

On the other hand, working with other entrepreneurs and bringing their vision and brand to life as a small business owner myself is beyond rewarding.

I also love that we both get to be creative and can go through this (sometimes terrifying) journey together.

Anthony - Photographer

I’m Anthony and the “Ants” of Lemons & Ants and your photographer.  I am there to guide you through your session, run after your kids while rapidly firing off shots and the guy that makes funny voices who makes your kids (and you!) giggle for photos.

For the stuff you don’t know, I’m also our IT, in house carpenter ( I made all our newborn beds,  and some of our Wood backdrops for our portraits sets) website manager, gift wrapper and chocolate chip cookie baker when you come over to our studio to select photos 🙂  I am also always ready and willing to explore new creative ideas with you and your family and/or business!

As a father of 3, I love relating to other parents and the trials and tribulations of raising young kids.  And working with other small business owners allows me to be creative with photography while understanding what their needs are.

Being a photographer, creative is the best job and I just can’t imagine my life any other way.

Dani - Associate Photographer

Dani is the newest addition to the Lemons & Ants team as one of our newborn photographer. Dani brings with her more than 3 years of experience photographing newborns, young children and families in Busan, Korea in the popular Bailey Soo Studio.

Dani is caring and detail oriented, not only producing beautiful images but also offering the nurturing experience that parents need and want at this busy time in their lives.

Le Man and Anthony are so grateful to welcome her to the team and look forward to working with her on many creative projects.


“Keep your families close together, and love and honour your children.”

When you make the decision to partner with Lemons & Ants Studios, what you sign up for is the most enjoyable and relaxing experience of having your photos taken. Having to commemorate your newborn’s special moment. Which is then transformed into heirloom pieces of art to showcase in your home and to enjoy with your child.