DID YOU KNOW? Having a vision for your
printed photos will improve the end result


Most people don’t know this when gearing up for a photo session:

Your intention for the end result of your photoshoot has a huge impact on the way
we shoot your session.

Shooting for an album is different than shooting for one art piece or for a wall gallery.


Let us walk you through why having a vision for the end result will automatically up-level your wall art or photo album.

Design & Color Palette

For wall art – galleries and statement pieces — we like to ensure the design and colors of the photographs themselves will compliment the colors and interior design elements of your home. This is how our wall art result is beyond stunning. Because we planned ahead. On purpose.

We pay attention to white space, greenery, background, and wardrobe palette suggestions based on your wall’s paint color and overall aesthetic of the room where the photo will be displayed.











If you envision a printed photo album, the photographs will be snapped by our photographer Anthony in a way that’s conducive to an album layout. The design of the album will be strategic with Le Man, our creative director & editor, taking care of every detail so your story is seamless and captivating.
By far, the photo album is an amazing way to preserve multiple memories from a photoshoot. When you choose one piece for the wall, or even a handful for a gallery, you’ll still probably be in love with many more photographs from the shoot. Placing them in an album will ensure a lively conversation with anyone who picks it up to look through, and will ensure an heirloom memory – the story of your family, newborn, wedding, etc. in that particular moment in time – to pass along through generations.


With a gallery wall, when all photos have the same setting, this helps tie in a color palette and theme. We can aim to capture your fam, your babe, your “first look,” or whatever it may be, in a story setting that will make the perfect gallery to display in your home. With a stand-alone statement piece, the story is stunning, and its prominence on the wall signals the moment as incredibly meaningful, a memory you want to see every day, and you want others to see it too.
Message / statement / impact
Sometimes there’s a clear message you’ve got in mind from the get-go. You might know exactly what that is already. Other times, the photoshoot organically unfolds and the story is told spontaneously.
The take-home point is that if you want to elicit a particular feeling, or have a particular look, or make a particular statement, always communicate that to the photographer beforehand so we can achieve the desired goal for your photos.
So … What do you hope to achieve with your photoshoot? Maybe you know exactly what you want. Maybe you need some prompts, ideas, or inspiration. Either way, our discovery call is exactly what this is for!

Orientation (based on wall dimensions)
A single, enlarged stand-alone statement piece will be placed in a particular part of the home: over the fireplace, above the bed in the master bedroom, in the living room, in the main bathroom, or in an office. Knowing the dimensions of the space will help to determine the orientation of the shots (landscape vs. portrait), and will ensure we capture the best, most timeless memory that you’ll love on your wall for years to come.
Similarly, with a wall gallery, knowing where you plan to place it will help us design the perfect layout, choose appropriate photo dimensions, and capture the perfect moments – in the best orientation – to create a story that captivates.

Storytelling style
Wall gallery art is clustered close together, strategically placed. The pages of an album are intentionally designed. Both tell a story. Both leave an impression. Both can communicate love, joy, safety and security, peace, kindness and compassion, delight, companionship, … the list goes on. But they look and feel a bit different. An album acts more of a conversation piece, on a coffee table, ready to be handled and flipped through. Wall art acts as more of a statement.

Book a call today to lay the groundwork for a strategic, intentional photoshoot that ensures what we capture of your natural and organic family memories get translated into the heirloom prints that you’ll love.

Seamless day-of collaboration
When we know the intention of the shoot, where the final photos will be placed, how you want them to be printed, our collaboration on the day of the photoshoot will be streamlined and intentional. Throughout the shoot, even though our style is always organic and natural, we can still suggest ways to achieve your desired outcome.

One of the best ways to communicate your vision is through a mood board. You can do this on a digital platform like Pinterest, or you can simply screenshot images and save them into an email, or you can go all-out “analog” with magazine clippings and send us a pic!

Creating a mood board results in exponentially better photos/photoshoot because you’ve given us examples of what you’re looking for, you’ve given us ideas to work with, you’ve given us images you’ve seen that you’d like to emulate with your own photos.

Search “family photoshoot,” or “newborn lifestyle photography,” or even “first look,” or “newborn photo poses,” and start screenshotting or pinning some inspiration

At Lemons and Ants all photoshoots include a complimentary consultation; planning session with our creative director and editor, Le Man.

Click here to book a discovery call now. Can’t wait to hear your vision and help you make it come to life!