MOM: What to wear for a newborn

(for those mamas who can’t decide what to wear or who feel like nothing in their wardrobe is flattering)

Let’s be honest, when you’ve just given birth, the last thing on your mind is what outfit you’ll be putting on for the newborn photoshoot.

In these early first days, your reality is moment-by-moment, supporting this new life as best you can while desperately trying to squeeze in more than just a few hours of sleep at a time!

You’re exhausted.

You’re recovering.

You’re uncomfortable.

You’re likely managing pain …

Most of you will be sporting maternity clothing, and most definitely not fitting those jeans from pre-baby days.

The reality is that for ideal photo timing, we suggest the newborn photoshoot take place within 15 days after birth because babe is sleepier and calmer, which makes for an easier session.

Guaranteed you’ve already picked the perfect outfit for your newborn. Right? But your own wardrobe might not have lucked out with the same attention.

Your physique has changed after birth. As it should.
You’re not feeling at your best.

During labour, your body performed some pretty phenomenal things.

Even before you went into labour, your body – as a pregnant human – was living at the maximum of human endurance.
Research from Duke University found that energy expended during pregnancy is comparable to running a marathon or competing in the Tour de France.

That’s incredible!

So while you’re wiping the sweat from your brow after approx. 9 months in utero plus caring for a tiny babe 24/7 in the blurry aftermath of the entire labour / birthing /surgical process,
please rest assured that we’ve got you covered

– literally –

with the perfect maternal wear for your newborn photoshoot.

Of course, you may choose whatever clothing you desire for the newborn session – ideally something you feel comfortable in and something that feels like you.

(HOT TIP: neutral light colours will photograph better)

But if you’re at a loss, and have no clue what would be flattering or would fit.

Or nothing in your closet looks like “newborn photoshoot clothing,” we’re excited to share that Lemons and Ants offers two alternative ways to stylize yourself effortlessly for the photo session.


The first: Maternity gowns

These are long and flowing and look great on literally every body shape. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how elegant you feel.

The second: Wraps

These are large, long pieces of cloth that we use to wrap delicately around mom for a more intimate look. The final result is stunning, and often surprises our moms!

We’re quite sure you’ll end up loving one of these looks – the women who take this alternate style route and are always glad in the end.

Both options offer a timeless feel, which is what you’ll want when you look back on those photos. You’ll be able to enlarge them for wall art to suit any home’s style, or print them into a keepsake album.

Whatever you decide, we want you to know that we understand how fragile these first weeks are, and we are conscious of the most flattering angles and styles. So, recalling that the stress put on a woman’s pregnant body is comparable to competing in the Tour de France, give yourself a break, and don’t force “real clothes” if you don’t have to or want to.

While we’re here talking about flattering angles and clothing, check out our notes on makeup right here, and how to work with the camera and not against it!

To discuss viewing and trying on our gowns or wraps, book a discovery call here and we’d love to chat!