Lemons & Ants Magic for your newborn shoot with a toddler


You’ve got newborn photoshoot coming up – with a toddler sibling. Cue minor anxiety
or dread. You might be worried about the big feelings, the chaos, the tantrums, whether
big brother or sister will cooperate…

Listen, we totally get it.

We’ve talked about some of the things YOU can do to prepare ahead of time on your end, right here.

This time, we’re going to let you in on what WE plan to do (which is why Lemons and Ants is the go-to studio for newborn shoots —> WE GET IT!)


We speak from personal experience of life with three kiddos. We TOTALLY understand that a photoshoot can feel stressful for an older sibling (and for mom and dad, too, for that matter!)

We want you to know we’re already going into the session with the knowledge that it’ll take a bit more time and effort.

Age 2-3ish is a really hard age.

All the emotions.
All the curiosity.
All the energy.
All the independence yet all the needs.

There’s absolutely no judgment on our end. We’ve seen (and experienced) it all.
And there’s no rush. So rest at ease. We gotcha.

We set the stage with our frame of mind, before we even begin.

 Here is an overview of what you can expect during your time with us for your newborn photo session:

1. Start with one set of newborn photos
2. During the session, we’ll bring big brother or sister in a few different times. This gives the older sibling a break and also provides an opportunity for a different range of photos to choose from.

When we bring in the older sibling, we really let the little one lead.

HOT TIP for parents during sibling photos:


Let us lead. From our experience, toddlers tend to listen to strangers better in the first 15-20 min of meeting someone new.

Your little one may be interested in lying down, sitting up, snuggling/cuddling, kissing babe’s forehead, bringing a lovey or blanket, sharing a favourite toy — All of this works.

If they’re feeling camera shy, we’ll try peek a boo or Simon Says, or other interactive games to make it fun and inviting.
3. Next is mom and baby
4. THEN, Mom & kids + Dad & kids
5. Mom & baby again (if needed)
6. Dad & baby

During this time, when parents are getting photographed with the new babe, if the older sibling jumps in, then we work with it. We really do let the older sibling lead. We play with it and work it into the photoshoot.
These moments are precious, not annoying or disruptive.
Trust us: the candid, fun-loving, and curious nature of a toddler during a newborn shoot makes for incredibly adorable photographs.
When your toddler is loving the limelight we will certainly take advantage!
And if we need to capture some photos sans lil rockstar, then we’ll let you know and perhaps a small snack or other distraction will suffice for a few minutes to get them on the sidelines for a hot minute! We’re good at redirecting them back to the scene when we need them 🙂
7. Family photos at the end
8. One more opportunity for sibling photos if needed



Our knowledge of typical dynamics between older toddlers or preschoolers and their newborn siblings informs our approach to the photoshoot. The factors at play with this age in general, plus adjusting to a new sibling can include (and aren’t limited to):
⁃ sharing parents’ now divided attention
⁃ losing the limelight
⁃ testing independence
⁃ regressions
⁃ regulating emotions
⁃ changing sleeping patterns/needs

Let us tell you: optimizing a newborn photoshoot with a sibling can be tricky. But we’ve been navigating/executing it with success for 8 years, and your photoshoot is no exception!

The resulting sibling photos are simply the absolute BEST.

One of our strategies is to reorganize our classic newborn shoot to seamlessly accommodate an older sibling. After X newborn photoshoots (with a sibling) under our belt, we know exactly how to plan ahead to achieve the best flow for everyone involved.

The duration of the photoshoot is 30-40 min max. It is designed in this way, short and sweet, so that we can capture everyone at their best. Even though we say “short and sweet,” trust us, it is plenty of time to get the shots that make for a collection of photos for anything from a wall gallery to an incredible keepsake album.

Please let us know ahead of time if you’d like any specific poses so that we can factor that in 🙂


We both have calm, quiet demeanors, so you can count on everyone feeling at ease. And when Anthony whips out his munchkin voice (cartoon voice, baby voice, sound effects), you’ll see why we’ve been told it’s his secret weapon.

We would love the opportunity to work with your family to provide incredible art and keepsake memories you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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