Furbabies and your new addition. =)

As newborn photographers, we love talking to new parents and seeing from their eyes how everything is new again. Being able to relive that dream as new parents and remembering the foggy days. Right up to the day of birth, to come home and trying to survive as the days blend into nights, then melt into weeks. The weekends no longer mattered and becomes like any other day. You pick up the pieces and try to make sense of it all while attempting to create a new norm with your new family.
It is through our work, we learn what others do when welcoming their new addition to the home. From what we were able to take away and contribute, we were able to share what other parents do
You are now responsible for this individual until they are of age. But wait, you already have a baby, a four-legged furbaby to be exact. Being parents of much older babies ;), we thought we knew it all. But as the saying goes, you can always teach an old dog new tricks. We learned today at our client’s home, that to get your furbaby to get quickly acquainted with your new bundle of joy is to bring home a baby blanket from the hospital. When our parents stayed for a few days at the hospital, dad went home first and brought a blanket that the baby was wrapped in and had their pup sniff the blanket. So when the baby comes home, it would already be a familiar scent and smell of a newborn to the pup.


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