Shooting in Small Spaces.

People assume we need lots of space to shoot, in reality, all we need is a space as little as 4 X 4. Just as long as we have a window; The baby would be placed perpendicular to the window. And that’s where all the magic happens. People are pleasantly surprised how small the sets are when they see this in person.
When shooting newborns in our studio, we specifically designed our studio mind to take advantage of the spacing and placement of where everything should go. We curate our space periodically to ensure a modern look.
Most of our client’s homes are messy, and that includes our very own living space as well. Understandably so, having a new person in your home is complicated. As new parents, you are still trying to organize the chaos.
When shooting in our client’s home, we move a couple of chairs around and Swiffer some dust to make a tidier clean space. You wouldn’t be able to tell; 40% of our photos in our portfolio were in our client’s home.


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