Top 5 Reasons to Print Your Digital Files in NOW


What if you could boost your kids’ confidence and self-esteem without talking to them?
Without a conversation? Without thinking of the right words? Without feeling like you’re not sure what to say? With zero awkwardness or Dr. Phil factor? The easiest way
to boost confidence in your child(ren) — and say nothing at all — is to print and frame a photograph of them and hang it on the wall. Research shows that kids who grow up in a home where they see their own photos on the wall are happier and more confident.
Mind-blowing. If this isn’t motivation enough to get your photos out of the digital cybersphere and up onto your wall, I don’t know what is.

Why get a professional photoshoot done and keep only digital files to be relegated to the “cloud” as nothing but pixels? If you’ve already made a financial investment in a
professional photoshoot (or a time investment of doing your own DIY photoshoot) then the next step should be to showcase that beautiful memory somewhere that you’ll see
on the daily. Blow it up and put it on your wall. Get a timeless frame that matches your style, and each year get a family photoshoot done so you can print an updated pic that goes inside. Make the investment worth it, beyond sending photos in Christmas cards, or as a newborn welcome announcements that are stamped and mailed, live in your
email “sent” folder, or in a computer album or on a USB. (When will you actually dig out images from those spaces and really take the time to look at them?) Don’t want an
enlarged photo on your wall? Get an album printed instead with an added bonus for you and the kids: the sensory experience of physically touching and turning the pages of a
photo book full of familiar faces sparks brain stimulation that just doesn’t happen with a digital screen.

When people come over for a social gathering, what better thing to leave on your coffee table than an album of carefully curated photographs of your fam jam? Photo albums on
coffee tables are the bomb for the following reasons…
1. Conversation starter: if you are a quiet type and/or find it hard to shoot the breeze or make small-talk with family and friends, a book full of images is a great place to start. If
you wanted to show an epic photo with your mother-in-law or brother, would you really want to flip through hundreds (let’s be honest, thousands) of images on your phone just to find that photo? Albums on tables, friends. That’s where it’s at.
2. Ice-breaker: meeting new people can be stressful or anxiety-inducing for some… But what if you could try: “feel free to flip through the album there while I make some
[insert beverage of choice]” …? It’s the perfect way to ease into an otherwise potentially awkward date or gathering.
3. Entertainment: what better way to get in some good laughs than to flip through old family memories and “look how much they’ve grown!” Capturing what’s current in a
physically permanent way guarantees many future walks down memory lane laced with laughter, tears, and smiles.

Incorporating stunning photos as part of home design is another reason we suggest printing those digital files. If you know in advance how you’d like to display the photos from your photoshoot on your wall, this is key. Shooting for an album is different from shooting for one piece or a wall art gallery, so if you have something in mind already, send that Pinterest board or “design inspo” folder over to us, and we will tailor the photoshoot so that you can get the result you’re looking for to showcase on your walls.
Not sure how to best utilize the space in a room to display photos or how to create a gallery wall that you love? Book a discovery call here and we will chat about your vision and discuss options for making it all come to life.

Looking at a photo on the wall or flipping through a photo album brings joy. It becomes part of our physical daily existence. It’s permanent. There’s no way to turn off a print
the way you can close a photo album or shut off your phone. The plethora of digital photos on your device might bring fleeting moments of happiness or satisfaction. A printed photograph stays. It’s there with you. Through ups and downs. Thick and thin. It goes nowhere. The photoshoots you invest in and images you select as your favourites – even images you capture on your phone and selfies you snap with your kiddos – capture people you love at a particular moment in time. They are ultimately moments you cherish, memories you don’t want to forget, images you’re inspired by. They’re the ones that bring you joy. What images do you want to stay with you through this next season? Which ones make you smile? Get some of that joy up on your wall!

If you take digital files to print on your own, you’ll likely go to Walmart, Costco, Staples, etc. Going this route guarantees a bit of stress, trying to figure out why there’s an error message that photos are too large (which indicates high quality, by the way). Do-it-yourself printing involves a crapshoot experience, a lot of guesswork, and a ton of frustration. Some places have a pre-made filters (that you have to un-check) that could potentially ruin the quality of the photoshoot you just paid for. Many of these places don’t properly colour-calibrate the pictures and your best DIY intentions won’t ensure that the printed, enlarged version will look as stellar as it does on your screen. Experimenting and possibly paying for multiple files to be printed is a sure-fire way to kill the joy you first felt when you envisioned that perfect photo up on the wall. When you work with us to print your photos, we control the quality and offer a guarantee of top-notch printed photos. Click here to learn more about printing with us.