Personal Branding Photoshoot Case
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We’re proud to introduce you to Craig Aitken 

It was soon apparent that the challenge would be getting shots that achieved his desired look without him appearing angry and unapproachable.

One of the ways we like to help clients warm up to the camera and achieve the results they want from their photoshoot is to model for them what we’d like to see them try, which is what we know they’re after based on what they’ve told us or shown us about their brand, personality, purpose, and desired personal branding or headshot effect.

When we know what emotion you want to elicit, we will get you there.

Anthony posed in certain ways, and asked Craig to imitate. 

After a few clicks, he was nailing it.

Anthony showed him the photos in the moment in order to build confidence.  We checked to see: Did he like it?


“I want to see more of this,” we said. Confidence soared.

At the end of our speedy studio shoot, he was able to strike a balance — not too happy but not too defensive.

It was perfect.


After we parted ways, we set up a meeting for him to view the photographs and choose the files he liked best.

While they were excellent photographs that made solid headshots, it ends up it wasn’t what he needed for his website and didn’t portray exactly what he wanted. We decided to reconvene at his workplace.

For a personal branding photoshoot.

That was the secret sauce: personal branding, not simply head shots, with the former’s emphasis on: Location. Location. Location.

He was in his work environment.

He was comfortable.


He was able to show potential clients the office surroundings.

He was brought alive by all of the tools that equipped him and inspired him to do his job well.

Office. Desk. Artwork. Plants. Computer. Notebook. Pens. Meeting rooms. Favorite chair.

Those simple things offered potential clients an inside glance into his world.

Everyone has a different motive, emotion, feel, energy behind their brand.

The environment within which you do your work will elevate your performance put you in your comfort zone where familiar items and surroundings solidify your brand.

And all of these things will enable you to nail your particular look, provide context to what you do, and elicit the emotion you want to attract your ideal clients, and portray the feel and vibe you want to communicate.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Your personal branding images are no exception.

What do you want to communicate?

What “feel” / “vibe” / “story” do you want to portray for
What emotion do you want to elicit from



Book a discovery call here to discuss how we can strategize an epic branding photoshoot in your work environment.

We are here to help you elevate your career, brand, or business and to tell your story.

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