How to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot: the ultimate checklist

1.Know your audience
Who are you trying to reach? There are plenty of resources out there to help you nail down your audience, or your “ideal client persona” — figure this out, and it’ll help you with these next steps. Whether you are the face of your business, or on a job-search, knowing your audience is crucial to crafting the perfect photo that’ll make you (or your brand) desirable.

2.Nail down a personal branding statement
What energy and emotion are you wanting to convey/invoke? You’ll want your photos to capture that. Letting us know your branding statement ahead of time will enable us to get the most out of our session and time together.

3.Gather a few props in your brand colour(s)
… and if you don’t have a brand colour, pick one! Check out colour psychology to help you be strategic in finding which colour will most likely attract your ideal client. Don’t choose a colour just because it’s your favourite. Make sure it aligns with your goals, intent, and what you’re all about. A few ideas: shirt, coffee mug, pen, clipboard, and any item(s) that you use in your daily work.

4.Pick a location
Our photoshoots are done in our studio, but we also rent space in some of Toronto’s most sought-after studios. Join our email list here and stay tuned to hear about when we’ll be shooting in one of these unforgettable settings. We’ll always let you know with plenty of time in advance so you can check out the studio and choose the environment that best matches your brand.

5.Make a list of goals for the photoshoot
What types of photos do you need? Will you use them for your website? If yes, which sections? Social media? Do you have some content ready to roll out and need images to go with it? Make sure you map out what you plan to publicly share ahead of time (website, social media, etc.) — for the next few months — so that you can make a list of a few particular shots that you’ll use to perfectly compliment the content or posts.

6.Dress in season
Bring a variety of styles that will evoke the “image” you want to portray to your ideal clients (or prospective employer). If you plan to release the images right now, dress in season. If you are planning ahead, bring something that suits the season.

7.Outfit choice
Once you’ve decided the season your photos will be released, it’s time to be strategic in choosing the perfect outfit for your personal branding photoshoot. It’s actually pretty simple. Don’t overthink it. Choose a top and bottom that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and YOU. Generally speaking, solid colours work better than prints. You can always spice up your look with “flair” (see next point)…

8.Bring some personal “flair”
Plan ahead and if you want to add some “flair” to your shoot, bring props! A few ideas: hat, sunglasses, headbands/hairstyle items, favourite pen, coffee mug, colourful frames
or glasses, one branded item (if you sell a product) … These can be in your brand colour, or in a colour that compliments it. (Google “complimentary” colours)!

9.Don’t forget personal hygiene, please … and beyond!
This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised… Here’s the short list to tick off: Brush those teeth. Shape those fingernails (add some polish). Clean those ears. If you wanna go all-out: trim that nose hair; pluck those mole hairs, too! Next: figure out your facial hair situation – what do you want the face of your personal brand to look like? Then: consider getting your hair and/or makeup done. A simple, quick, easy application by an experienced artist will do wonders — studio lighting often washes you out, so you’ll absolutely benefit from a bit of makeup, whether applied by you or pre-arranged with our artist. Last: decide on your jewelry situation (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches) — are you making a statement or are you in the “less is more” camp?

10.Get a good SLEEP the night before
Don’t underestimate what a good night’s sleep will do for your photoshoot! You’ll feel better about yourself, be more confident, and feel rejuvenated. Ensure you pack in some ZZZZZs beforehand so that you’re ready to rock ’n’ roll and look your best!