Finding Our Way

When we first set our goal of being photographers, we spent countless hours fretting over what we wanted to achieve. From what to call ourselves, Lemons + Ants, Le Man + Anthony. To the very elements of the aesthetics of our images and the very minute details. We spent years perfecting and constantly refining our work, never overlooking details. Planning every session with our families. We’ve built our portfolio from years of experience and knowledge. We wanted a look that was our style; light, natural and airy. Along the way, we discovered newborn photography and instantly fell in love with it. To be able to create images for our new families. Reminding us of what it is like to be new parents again and have that connection.
For our newborn portraits, Le Man loves the different choices of colours, fabrics and textures to use in our themes, coordinating with your home decor and style. From there, we work towards creating that perfect album and wall portraits for your keepsake and memories. We even go so far as to create custom newborn beds for our images. It’s our objective and Anthony takes pride in being hands-on and creating that experience that no other photographers do.

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