What Stroller Did We Use For Our Three Kids?


Strollers have come a long in terms of functionality, features and safety. At the time, when we had our daughter, there was only one stroller that came to mind and everything felt like it was an imitation. Not that imitation was bad, but how you use the stroller and the way things were located and set up were important for us. It was important especially when you know you are using this for a long time and subconsciously we also knew we were going to have more than one child down the road. How many? Two, three? We just don’t know at the time, but we knew that expandability was a big factor when shopping for a stroller. The OEM accessories are well thought out and intuitive. Dare I say the iPhone of strollers, it is designed well and not to the point where the stroller becomes strictly an art piece but had the user in mind. The mom. You just pick it up and go. With this comes weight, you can turn and navigate the stroller with one pinky finger. And not having to look at a manual was a plus. We didn’t want any complications or fuss with anything. Time was important and we wanted something highly functional and easy to use in a snap. 

We wanted a stroller that was set up in tandem, rather than having two kids sit side by side. It is a stroller that’s not small, but not the largest either. It has nicely padded seats, different fabric colours to choose from and leather wrapped around the handlebars. It offers a smooth ride, comfort around the uneven pavement and minimal effort for acceleration, err I mean minimal effort while walking. Yes, I’m talking about a stroller here. It grows with your child through the different stages, starting with the bassinet and growing with your family with every new addition up to three. And yes, we used it fully when we became a family of five. With all three at once. Ellie on the PiggyBack skateboard attachment, Caleb on the Rumble seat and Abel in the infant seat. Still effortless to push around the kids in, along with an extra large basket for all the baby gears needed for the day.

If we were to go back, hands down this would be the stroller to choose again and again. Every time new parents walk through our studio, when it’s the Uppababy Vista and every time, our parents love it and express how intuitive it is to use. Form and function. As a disclaimer, we are in no way affiliated, endorsed or paid by anyone for this. We truly believe in this product even though our kids have outgrown this gadget or tool if you will, it got us from A to B with ease, we highly recommend this to our parents to be, it is that good. It helped us in every way, tantrums aside, you’re on your own. 😉