Top 3 Parks for the Perfect Fall Family Photoshoot in Toronto

Do you smell the pumpkin spice? Haha. Just kidding. Some people feel very strongly about the presence of seasonal flavours and Starbucks drinks. Others just want to soak up those last days of summer sunshine without anyone shoving fall down their throats.
As summer wraps up, Lemons and Ants is also looking ahead to fall. Not because we don’t absolutely LOVE summer, but because our Toronto fall family photo sessions fill up quick and we don’t want you to miss out!

This year, we will be shooting at Moccasin Trail Park. Join our email list here to be the first to know which dates and time slots we’ll be shooting.

If you love to take the fam jam outdoors to admire the immaculate display of fall leaves changing colours or to have a picnic or jump in the leaves, grab your iPhone and be ready to snap a few shots in the following locations. Or book a discovery call with us to set a date and time for us to use a professional lens to capture the fall family magic for you.
These are our all-time favourite parks for fall photos, what we consider to be the best photo locations for family photoshoots in Toronto.

PARK #1 — Moccasin Trail Park (all-time fav)
When it comes to fall photos, this 15-hectare ravine forest is our go-to every time. Why? Because of the colours. They’re just. so. vibrant. At the park’s entrance begins the long, winding paved trail filled with trees of every autumn colour imaginable, which makes for gorgeous photos where all the hues surround you like the perfect autumn cloak.
Another reason we love Moccasin Trail Park is because there are so many different areas to explore along its 5.1-km trail. The infamous rainbow tunnel (visible from the northbound DVP) offers a seven-hue backdrop amidst the classic fall palette, to bring an element of fun, celebration, and pride. Bridges provide the perfect structure to gather and capture a memory. Water elements like the majestic river, creeks, and a charming pond can be epic backgrounds for every family. And little clearings, a meadow, and other hidden spots offer alternative gorgeous settings for photos that your family will cherish for years to come.
This park leads into Charles Sauriol Conservation area, so if you’re up for a longer
walk/exploration after the photoshoot, it’s a perfect destination.
Accessible: yes
Moccasin Trail Park is where we offer our annual fall mini-sessions.
Families drop by for a quick 20-minute set. This is perfect for families who know their kidlets/babes will likely have a much shorter wake window, or for those who are perhaps a bit camera shy and prefer a quick “arrive-shoot-leave” scenario. Also, the mini sessions are priced economically to make a gorgeous fall photoshoot accessible for your fam. We always offer a rain date.

Get on our email list here to be kept in the loop for when we open booking for mini sessions.

PARK #2 — Taylor Creek
Parents, we’ve got you covered. We always look for spots where kids will be interested in sticking around. Taylor Creek is one of those places. Here, there’s loads of free open space for your littles to run around. Next, tons of shade is great for sunny autumn days where you want to avoid the shadow-on-face situation that comes with harsh sunlight.
We are adaptable to cater to parents with young kids and know you can’t always do an early morning or later dusk photoshoot, when lighting is ideal. Lemons and Ants works around your schedule (and around the sunshine and shadows) to ensure a pocketful of go-to shady spots that will work perfectly for your fall family photoshoot. To compliment the orange, red, and yellow foliage, there are also areas that stay completely green. The variation in colour allows you to get two different looks from your fall family photoshoot.

So, we’ve got wide open space, shade, and a wide variation of setting colours optimized for you. Add in a little duck pond, and you’re all set. Imagine your tots squealing in delight as they toss crumbs to the ducks or that classic throw-the-leaves-in-the-air moment. Many other spots at this location will guarantee magical autumn photos. And yes, a ton of colour here that screams FALL will leave you more than content for choosing to snap your family photos here with us.

Taylor Creek is where most families will book our full fall photo session.
With this package, you’ll have a say in terms of dates and times. The session lasts 1-1.5hr, so gives much more time and flexibility to explore and we’ll be able to capture special moments with your family in a variety of natural settings.
We’d love to jump on a discovery call with you to find out your unique needs, desires, and vision for your perfect family photos shoot.

Accessible: yes (the eastern half is said to be most wheelchair friendly)

PARK #3 — Riverdale Park
This one’s for our city-loving peeps, who truly can’t get enough of a spectacular city skyline … paired with magical autumn colours, this location nothing short of a win.  Riverdale Park offers the opportunity for photos in a variety of settings within a short distance. You’re got an enormous grassy hill and field. Wide open space. A thicket with a ton of greenery and short trails. A charming wooden fence. Trees galore. And, of course, that epic city skyline. Also, the opportunity for a blissful autumn sunset amidst a background of Toronto’s tallest buildings and iconic CN Tower is waiting for you and your fam! If you’re looking for the “best bang for your buck” factor, this city-central spot is a no-brainer to snag the best family fall photographs in Toronto with younger kids in tow, strollers, and tight time limits. You’ve never got so many stellar photos with completely different looks out of one place.

Accessible: yes

If this park sounds dreamy for your autumn family photoshoot in Toronto.

RC Harris Water Treatment Plant
We would love to explore Toronto’s stunning Water Treatment Plant along with you and your fam! This hidden gem provides stunning architecture and lake views for a classy and elegant backdrop that will up-level those family pics. This spot is quite bare with only grass, no trees. You’d be cementing a timeless look that doesn’t invoke seasonal colours or flair. If you’d like to be among Lemons and Ants’ first family photoshoots at the water treatment plant, book a discovery call here. We’d love to hear from you!

Last thoughts:
While our mini sessions get snapped up like candy from a pinata at an 8-year-old’s birthday party, we highly recommend booking a full session to take advantage of the location of your choice, to feel a bit less pressure (let’s be honest, 20 minutes goes by reallllly fast), and to really get the most out of your professional photoshoot, with every opportunity to get incredible shots you’re dying to send out to those you love, put into a photo album, or hang on your wall as an art piece.