Four benefits of a “first look” as part of your
wedding photoshoot


The “first look” is one of Lemons and Ants’ absolute favourite moments to capture during our Toronto wedding photoshoots.
For those new to the term, “first look” is the when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Traditionally, the first look has been a communal event, open to all eyes, when the groom – along with family, in-laws, wedding party, and guests – watches the bride walk down the aisle.

In recent years, the option for an intimate moment has presented itself, where many lovebirds are choosing to snag this first look — still on camera — in a private setting, away from the crowd, before the ceremony takes place.

 Bride and groom are brought together in a private, intimate setting, without any onlookers
 Usually takes place right after the bride gets ready, before the ceremony
 Photographers set up the couple to greet at spectacular angles to get the most out of the moment, without intruding
 The initial “surprise” of seeing each other for the first time is reserved for only the couple getting married, not for the entire guest list

 This moment is usually emotional, vulnerable, and special — often the only quiet moment of the wedding day
 Planned ahead of time as part of the photoshoot

Read on to learn why we recommend this new approach vs. the old school traditional walk-down-the-aisle first look!

When a groom/partner sees his bride/partner for the first time walking down the aisle, it’s truly a vulnerable and intimate moment — yet put on display and becomes an event consumed by guest spectators. Planning a quiet first look before the ceremony means you don’t need to share this moment with everyone. This moment is for YOU and you only. This part of the photoshoot allows you to take a moment to yourselves because
let’s be honest, the entire rest of the day is shared with family and friends.

If you’re a quiet person who prefers small gatherings, one-on-one conversions, and staying as far away from the spotlight as possible, this new first look approach is absolutely for you. After all the exhausting back-and-forth of the wedding planning stages coupled with a few sleepless nights and busy “day-of” getting ready shenanigans, the first look — a moment of quiet with your partner — might be just what you need to recharge your battery before the rest of the day unfolds. Sometimes the wedding day
can still feel chaotic, even when you’ve done your best to plan ahead and avoid stress.


When you’re given the opportunity to step away from the bridal party chit-chat, away from the details and busy-ness of the wedding, you’ll be able to recenter yourselves for the rest of the day. This first look gives you time to slow things down, breathe deep, enjoy peace and quiet, and take advantage of no other people around. It also takes the edge off of those nerves you might be feeling and increases confidence for the walk-down-the-aisle ceremony moment without unnecessary build-up of anxiousness that comes with the unknown.
Emotions, of course, are part of the day, even after the intimate first look. But this moment of calm will have given an opportunity for both parties to shake the butterflies, get some jitters out, bask in each other’s presence, plus get that embrace, love, and reassurance before exchanging vows. What often is a very vulnerable moment in front of a crowd can be reimagined and approached with confidence because the bride and groom have already experienced their own private first look ahead of time.

When most wedding shoots are filled with the “happy couple after” pics, your ultimate Toronto wedding photoshoot can include a whole new segment. The intimate first look provides a new repertoire of “happy couple before” pics that might actually love even more than the ceremony pics!

After booking a discovery call with us *here,* we will sort out all of the details for making yours the best Toronto wedding photoshoot, including a first look if you desire.
A spot will be chosen ahead of time, depending on your “getting ready” location and the ceremony venue. We will suggest some places that make sense to capture breathtaking photographs of your first look, taking into consideration your timeline, location,
accessibility, and desired style and backdrop.
Two of our photographers will coordinate: the groom will be brought into the setting first to get set up. Then the bride will be brought in and the reveal will be captured on camera. We’ll make a plan together with you beforehand to ensure the moment unfolds the way you imagine, and to capture the photos you envision.
We will always have two photographers to capture initial reactions of both bride and groom. You may also request a tripod to be set up if you’d like the moment captured on video.
Some of the best Toronto wedding photographers include this first look in their package, and we agree that it is an amazing way to capture the day for all the reasons listed above!
Book a discovery call with us here – we’d love to help plan your wedding photoshoot and discuss first look details!