Importance of Printing

To our new parents and/or siblings-to-be:

A question that comes up frequently: what led us to do what we do. As a photographers focused newborn photography. Our mission is to document the recollection of your newborn. To help recount your family’s narrative and to deliver this in a beautifully handcrafted artwork. You can find us in the heart of downtown Toronto, in the Leslieville Beaches Area.

In our early childhood years, we’ve spent a notable amount of time combing through our family’s photo archives. Deciphering what was happening in each picture and asking our parent’s numerous questions. Trying to learn more about our family history and the dynamics amongst our connection; to make sense of it all. We’re seeing how young our parents were and wonder what they were like. Imagining a much simpler time before ours. From this experience, we wanted the same for our children. That tangible impression of a printed photograph, being able to thumb through each snapshot. The impact each image makes is priceless. We started dedicating time to finding timeless pieces that can be displayed on a wall or heirloom albums that can be flipped through with your little ones. Printed images have now become the focus of our company. We wanted to ensure each client leaves the session, not just with digital files, but with something they can enjoy in their homes. We know life passes by in a flash, particularly time with your precious one. All we can do is preserve the memories that show our children a little about their family legacy. While digital files are great as a backup, they are not permanent and the medium it sits on has a limited lifespan. It comes down to where you want your memoirs to remain on. On a USB drive, it will likely be stored in a drawer somewhere, forgotten and never shown the light of day. On your cellphone, will your children and family members have access to your picture gallery? Will they have access to your account indefinitely? Will they be able to scroll through thousands of quick selfies to get to the important snapshots, buried with time. While you can obtain the digitals to create and print the pictures yourself, you may not necessarily have the time nor the resource to find a quality lab that can deliver the images in its full glory. This is where a professional photographer comes into play. We have the means to be able to produce and deliver the desired results. Using our experience and know-how to leverage the best quality and finishes.

When you partner up with Lemons & Ants Studios, what you sign up for, is the most enjoyable experience of having your photos taken. Which is then transformed into heirloom pieces of art to showcase in your home.

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