The Best Branding Photoshoot Location
in Toronto

We’ve had the opportunity to rent out some pretty cool spaces in this city over the years. For us, capturing incredible photos in an indoor studio comes down to 3 things:

1. Lighting
2. Large space
3. Flexibility

In our humble opinion, Mint Room Studios is hands down the best brand photoshoot location in Toronto.

 Lighting is the best at Mint Room Studios. It’s better than your home office, or shared workspace, guaranteed. Massive, 13-foot tall windows provide top-notch natural lighting. We promise the lighting here will deliver incredible results for your personal brand’s first impression.

 Mint Room Studios space is huge. Rooms with 9-15-foot ceilings offer ample space for your creative genius. Anything is possible. Let’s talk!

 The flexibility that Mint Room Studios offers with 7000+ square feet of shooting space and 9 unique studio rooms is unparalleled. Plus, the design of each studio room includes furniture props to match.

When thinking about your personal brand photoshoot, what to wear, best brand photo poses, and all the tools, tips, and strategies to bring your personal brand to life, we promise that browsing through the rooms at Mint Room Studios will broaden all existing horizons and open your mind to even more possibilities that you might’ve imagined.

Don’t start by spending time agonizing over the right color sweater, style of shoes, or how to pose in the most flattering way. First take a look at the mind-blowing environments you have to choose from.

From there, it’ll be easier to narrow down what clothing to wear for your personal branding shoot and the different ways you can best demonstrate how you serve your people/followers/audience/clients.

Whether you’re a pastry chef, coffee consultant, yoga instructor, nutritionist, poet, makeup artist or thought leader with learnings to share with your clients and audience, there’s most likely a Mint Room set up you’ll want to snag that will speaks to your personal brand.

Remember, you’ll want your brand to evoke a particular feeling. Circle back to what your brand is all about, what your audience/clients need and want, and how you serve them.

When you can imagine yourself in one of the rooms, doing your thing, and the ideas start rolling, you know you’ve got a winner that’ll nail your perfect personal branding photoshoot.

You’ve probably heard before that we always recommend taking personal branding photos in your work environment.

But this doesn’t work for everyone.

What if your work environment is a dimly-lit office? What if you get your stuff done in a space rented by the hour, or in a communal working environment? Or what if your inspiration takes place in your kitchen or living room or basement gym?

Can we still do a branding photoshoot there?

The answer is, it depends.

Book a discovery call with us and we’d love to chat with you and take a look at a few pics to discuss whether your work environment could work for a photoshoot.

If you already know that your work environment is NOT going to be a good location for your personal branding photoshoot, then Mint Room Studios is the perfect solution for you.