When choosing a photographer, is it really
worthwhile to have a second shooter?


When deciding on a photographer, one important question to ask is:

Do I need a second shooter?

But you might wonder first: “what does a second shooter even do?”
Essentially, a second wedding photographer will work closely with the main photographer to ensure the day is captured at all angles and that special moments and unexpected situations don’t get missed.

One photographer, as phenomenal as they may be, won’t be able to be two places at  once! And a second shooter is essential for taking shots, of you BOTH, so you’ll have a keepsake of memories to reminisce for years to come.

Here are the top reasons why Lemons and Ants offers a competitive wedding photography package with a second shooter, which is gold for your big day!

Getting Ready

The main photographer stick with the bride and the second shooter follows the groom.

So, let’s just say that one partner may or may not have a more elaborate “getting ready” routine (wink)… but just because she’s the “glam” half doesn’t mean the other partner shouldn’t receive a photographer to document their getting ready moments.

The memories of the beginnings of what will become one of the most important days of your life can’t be missed. While you dress and style yourself, you’re in anticipation mode, you’re hanging with friends – your best ones – who will support you to tie the knot with the love of your life mere hours later. This moment in time is precious.

A second shooter ensures all moments are captured on both sides. One photographer would run the risk of missing important bits and pieces of this part of the day as the they travel between “getting ready” venues …

First Look

Whether you plan ahead for a “first look” (link to first look blog here) or opt for the more traditional walk-down-the-aisle first look, capturing the perspective of both bride and groom is priceless.

One photographer can’t be in two places at once; they can’t capture both reactions at once. A second shooter solves this — you’re ensuring that the laughs smiles tears and joy involved in that first look are captured seamlessly for both parties.

Two photographers can take shots from different angles, one photographer set up behind the bride and the other behind the groom to capture all the feels.

Guests at the Ceremony

Capturing the reactions of your guests is something you may not immediately consider when planning a wedding photoshoot. But you’ll love that we snap pictures of your guests, and you’ll cherish the memory. On your wedding day you’re enthralled with your partner during the ceremony, not likely looking at or remembering any guest faces.

Having a second shooter allows for those special moments from a third party perspective, beyond the bride and groom. You’ll get to see not only the groom’s face while the bride walks down the aisle, but also guest reactions while the other photographer is shooting the bride. Next, one photographer captures closer up natural reactions of the bride and groom while exchanging vows and the second shooter can snap a few of the guests’s faces, tears, and joy!

After Ceremony

This is another one you won’t want to miss. In the meantime the main photographer is collaborating with the fam jam to power through family portaits after the ceremony, the second shooter is having a blast capturing the moments where your guests are mingling during cocktail hour, or whatever you’ve got planned!

The photos you’ll see at the end reveal with us are always phenomenal and you really get a feel for how your day went not only for yourselves, but for your family and guests too.

Cultural Traditions

More often than not, tying the knot involves a blending of cultures. There may be particular rituals, traditions, or customs related to your particular heritage or religion that you’ve decided to incorporate into your special day. e.g Chinese Tea Ceremony

Depending on the location and timing of these events, having a second shooter will ensure that all events are covered, even if some parts overlap or happen simultaneously.

As you can see, the benefits of having a second shooter to ensure the best wedding photoshoot are plenty!