When you’re in holiday gift-giving stress mode, the last thing you need to do is run out and find a physical gift for that person you left to the last minute.

For many of you, this person might be someone you love that got relegated to the weekend-before-Christmas checklist, simply because they love you no matter, or they don’t care about gifts that much, or …you HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO GET THEM.

For those people who are difficult to buy for, we have the perfect solution —A photoshoot.

It’s a great option for a meaningful gift for those peeps who aren’t easy to buy for.

It shows you value memories, keepsakes, family.

Or maybe you noticed that the steady growth and development in their business or career lends itself to strong personal branding, and they just need a nudge to move forward with a fresh look that’ll polish their online presence and seal in success.

A photoshoot is a two-part gift that keeps on giving.

It’s an experience gift – you get to enjoy the experience of getting ready and being photographed – plus a tangible gift – whether prints, an album, or framed photos on the wall.

When speaking of gifts: a photoshoot gift certificate is the best of both worlds.

Gift certificates always have/get a bad rap for being impersonal. Un-original. The “easy route.”

We get it.

Let us help you avoid the awkward

“Oh here’s the gift certificate I got for you that I printed black-and-white on 9.5×11 paper, folded in quarters, and slid into an envelope this morning before I came over.

Happy holidays… I didn’t know what to get you.” 

A gifted photoshoot from Lemons and Ants is different.

We pride ourselves in the photoshoot experience itself – it’s actually a deeply personalized experience.

We discuss the goal of the photoshoot and the ultimate purpose of the resulting photos so that we can nail down that perfect backdrop & vibe and blow your special person away at the final photo reveal.

We offer guidance with their wardrobe, we work with a local makeup artist [link to makeup blog] (an optional service that we highly recommend), and we collaboratively select the perfect location beforehand, whether our studio, a rented studio, their home, outdoors, or elsewhere.

Our clients feel pampered and cared for.

We also take care of the printing services afterwards, too.

If you opt for gifting a family session, newborn photo session, or maternity session, they’ll certainly not want an anticlimactic ending, slipping the classic “photoshoot-in-a-thumb-drive” into their pocket that later gets lost in the junk drawer to “print later.”

Instead, the photos they’ll select in the end will go home with them as physical memories to enjoy for years to come as a keepsake, art piece(s), or whatever they desire.

We print with top-quality machinery and the best materials (the quality of our photos is far beyond any other quick-print service out there).

And we will deliver.

If you opt for a personal branding session, we’ll discuss with your special person where they’ll be using the images to ensure a wide range of web-optimized photos ready to upload to websites, social, and other online media platforms.

We always include print-optimized photos as well.

A photoshoot is quite the all-inclusive experience.

Have we managed to convince you to feel the warmth, intention, and love behind a photoshoot as a gift?

We hope so!

But you might still think a photoshoot is an awkward gift.

Consider this:

Most people don’t think about spending money to photograph … themselves.

Most busy families people don’t have “family photoshoot” on the top of their to-do list.

This gift tells them that you see them, value them, and you think they deserve to be cared for…and that freezing a moment in time at this point in their life is something they won’t regret.

The icing on the cake? You won’t have to go to the mall, drive aimlessly, or waste time walking around downtown.

Lemons and Ants will print out the gift certificate and drop off deliver to for you so it can be wrapped up like a real gift for under the tree!

Lemons and Ants would LOVE to be the photographer & stylist behind this surprise photo session.

Does your gifting conundrum person love:

Their best furry friend?

Their business brand color & gear?

Their fam jam?

Their tiny babe?

We’d be honored to capture the chosen subject(s) in all their glory.

Click here to snag a gift certificate for a photoshoot OR click here to book a discovery call if you have any questions!

HOT TIP: On a budget? Go in together with other friends or family members and make this gift a memorable one!